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Have I Got Dirt For You

Using Office Gossip to Your Advantage

Paperback Engels 2022 9789463724890
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Even though office gossip is generally frowned upon, many studies show that gossip in organizations is not only inevitable, but can even be a positive communication tool. However, by gossiping in the wrong way, employees can easily lose the trust of their colleagues and be perceived negatively very quickly.

Research shows that people who claim to never gossip tend to be considered as socially inept, but those that are constantly gabbing at the coffee machine are quickly seen as untrustworthy. There is an optimal amount of time one should gossip – somewhere in the middle – which we call the sweet spot of gossip. However, it’s not only the amount of time one spends gossiping that will make or break an employee or manager. Other factors such as credibility, what we gossip about, whom we gossip with, culture, and place, all play an equally crucial role in the art of gossiping successfully at work. Finding the right balance for all of these factors is of the essence.

'I love this book! Illuminating on why you must be in the know at work and how you can do it respectfully and with integrity.' - Dr. Lois Frankel, author of the New York Times bestselling book 'Nice Girls Still Don't Get the Corner Office'

'Valuable insights in an inevitable and valuable aspect of human interaction: gossip. There are great lessons for both the office and Zoom sessions.' - Jonah Berger, Wharton professor and author of the bestselling books Contagious, Invisible Influence and The Catalyst


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Avoiding gossip altogether is not good a strategy
Jeroen Ansink 11 november 2022 Success in the workplace depends in large part on the way we gossip, writes Dominique Darmon, senior lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in ‘Have I Got Dirt For You’. In the book, she gives a number of tips to find an optimal balance. ‘Start slowly and see how people react.’
Have I Got Dirt For You - Using Office Gossip to Your Advantage
Dominique Darmon 1 september 2022 It all started in one of my corporate communications classes at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. My students and I had been looking at various organizational diagrams, examining how information flows in an organization. Is it better to send information top down or bottom up? What role do the grapevine and gossip play in all of this?

Over Dominique Darmon

Dominique J. Darmon is sinds 2012 senior lecturer aan de Haagse Hogeschool. Ze doceert Internationaal Communicatiemanagement en is lid van de onderzoeksgroep Verandermanagement.

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Introduction 11
What is gossip? 14
Origins of the word ‘gossip’ 16
Attitudes towards gossip 17
Why we can’t we keep our mouths shut 23
How much is too much? 26
Finding the sweet spot of gossip: Tips for employees
and managers 28
Tips for employees 28
Tips for managers 29

1. Reasons for Gossiping 31
To gather information 32
To maintain group norms 33
To learn about the corporate culture 35
To bond and to belong 38
To reciprocate 41
To vent and let out steam 42
To confirm our views 43
To make sense of confusing situations 43
To entertain 45
To compete 46
To influence 47
Specific triggers 50
Emotion 52
Arousing situations 53
How gossiping affects you 53
What triggers people not to gossip? 56
Salient gain goal frame 58
Salient normative goal frame 59
Finding the sweet spot of gossip 60
Tips for managers 65
Tips for employees 67

2. Credibility 71
The difference between gossip, rumors, and other types
of information disorders 71
Types of rumors 73
The pipe dream/wish fulfillment rumors 74
Anticipatory rumors 74
Anxiety rumors 75
Aggressive rumors 77
Wedge-driving rumors 78
Functions and characteristics of rumors 79
Transmission and accuracy 81
The grapevine 82
Credibility 83
Deterrence 85
Transmission 86
Anonymity 87
How rumors and false information spread 88
The medium is the message 90
Contagion 91
Rumors as weapon 93
Finding the sweet spot of gossip 98
Tips for employees and managers 100

3. The Mechanisms of Gossip 107
What we gossip about 107
Work-related gossip 109
Non-work-related gossip 114
Who we like to gossip about 117
The manager 117
Propinquity 121
Getting caught: When the third party is no longer
absent 124
Finding the sweet spot of gossip 126
Tips for employees and managers 132
Tips for employees 134
Tips for managers 135

4. The Who 137
Professional gossips 137
What does gender have to do with it? 139
Bitchy or assertive? Stereotypes and expectations 142
Different gossiping styles 147
Who we gossip with 147
Alliances 148
Optimal amount of people 151
Relationship between gossipers 152
Hierarchy and gossip 156
Finding the sweet spot of gossip 160
Tips for female employees 162
Tips for managers 162
Tips for employees 163

5. Gossiping Across Cultures 165
Cultural codes 167
High-context versus low-context 169
Individualism versus collectivism 171
High-power distance versus low-power distance 174
Masculinity versus femininity 178
Uncertainty avoidance 180
Information flow 181
Honor, dignity, and face cultures 181
The influence of religion 182
Trust and friendship 184
Gossiping styles 187
Acceptable topics of gossip depending on culture 188
How direct can you be? 191
Humor 197
Gender matters 203
Finding the sweet spot of gossip 206
Tips for managers and employees 206

6. Place Matters 213
The traditional office 213
The smoking area 214
Working from home 215
Onstage, offstage 219
Codes of conduct for online gossip 220
Shrinking networks 223
Flex offices 226
Impact of culture on place 229
Culture and remote work 230
Finding the sweet spot of gossip 231
Tips for employees 233
Tips for managers 234
Conclusion: The Sweet Spot of Gossip 235
Reasons for gossiping 236
Credibility 236
Mechanisms 237
The who 238
Culture 238
Place 239
About the author 241
Acknowledgements 243
Sources 245
Books and articles 245
News 251
Talks 253
Popular culture (literature) 253
Popular culture (series and films) 254

Index 257

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