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Institute of Brilliant Failures

Make Room to Experiment, Innovate, and Learn

Paperback Engels 2019 9789047012313
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'You can learn from your failures.' 'Entrepreneurship is trial and error.' These statements are hard to disagree with, but in reality it is not that simple. More than ever, we wish to be successful and erase all traces of mistakes and failures as soon as possible.

This is not only a pity, but potentially dangerous as well, says professor Paul Louis Iske. Only when we dare to face what we do wrong can we make a thorough analysis and avoid unnecessary recurrence and disappointments. Fear of failure impedes creative thinking and innovation.

This compelling book shows you how to develop a culture of openness in your organization and how failure paradoxically leads to significant progress. Institute of Brilliant Failures teaches you how to recognize recurring failing patterns at an early stage, how to harvest essential learnings and how to embrace uncertainty.


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Over Paul Louis Iske

*Paul Louis Iske is hoogleraar Open Innovatie & Business Venturing aan de School of Business and Economics van de Universiteit Maastricht. Daarnaast is hij Chief Failure Officer van het Instituut voor Briljante Mislukkingen, dat als doel heeft begrip te kweken voor de complexiteit van innoveren en ondernemen. Hij is een veelgevraagd (internationaal) spreker en consultant op de gebieden innovatie, nieuwe businessmodellen, creativiteit en kennismanagement. *Paul Louis Iske is professor of Open Innovation and Business Venturing at the School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University (the Netherlands) and Extraordinary Professor of Knowledge Management at Stellenbosch University (South Africa). He is Chief Failure Officer (CFO) at the Institute of Brilliant Failures, and a sought-after international consultant in the areas of innovation, sustainable business models, creativity and knowledge management.

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1. An Introduction to Brilliant Failures
A Call for Less Caution
So What Exactly is a Brilliant Failure?
Brilliant Failures as Part of Life
The BriFa Model: Positive Change Through Trying and Learning
Applying Chapter 1

2. Failure Is in Our DNA
Reality Often Turns Out Differently Than Expected
The Dirty Dozen
Theory U: Changing and Being Open to Failure
Applying Chapter 2

3. Complexity as a Cause of Failing Brilliantly
Complicated Systems
Complex Systems
Complex Adaptive Systems
Our World Has Truly Become Much More Complex
Complexity in Projects and Programs
Applying Chapter 3

4. A Favorable Climate for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Open Innovation: An Additional Layer of Complexity
Entrepreneurship Is a Process of Trial and Error
Applying Chapter 4

5. A Common Language: Archetypes
Pattern Recognition
Patterns in Failing Brilliantly: Sixteen Archetypes
Failing and Learning at Various Levels
Applying Chapter 5

6. On knowledge and Learning
Knowledge Makes the World Go Round
The Knowledge Value Chain
Knowledge Transfer
Various Levels of Learning: Single-Loop and Double-Loop Learning
Failing and Learning in the World of Science and Research
Applying Chapter 6

7. Scenarios: Learning from Brilliant Failures Before They Happen
Alternative History
Alternative Future
Scenarios: Learning from the Future
War-Gaming: Failing Brilliantly in the Future
Applying Chapter 7

8. The Importance of a Safe Environment
The Influence of the Environment
Biomimicry: What We Can Learn from Nature
Serious Optimism
Applying Chapter 8

9. The Influence of Culture on Failing Brilliantly
On Culture
Brilliant Failures in the Netherlands Compared to Other Countries
Failure in the Context of Government
Applying Chapter 9

10. The Institute of Brilliant Failures (IoBF)
The IoBF Knowledge Environment: BriFa Learning Environment
IoBF Intervention: Journal of Brilliant Failures
IoBF Intervention: Brilliant Failure Award
IoBF Intervention: “Awareness Climate” for Experimentation and Learning
Applying Chapter 10

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