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The Art of Agile Product Ownership

A Guide for Product Managers, Business Analysts, and Entrepreneurs

Paperback Engels 2019 9781484251676
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Every product owner faces a complex and unique set of challenges within their team. This provides each individual the opportunity to fill the role with different ambitions, skills, and insights. Your product ownership journey can take a variety of paths, and The Art of Agile Product Ownership is here to be your guide.
Author Allan Kelly, who delivers Agile training courses to major companies, pulls from his experience to help you discover what it takes to be a successful product owner. You will learn how you need to define your role within a team and how you can best incorporate ownership with strategy. With the Agile method, time is the key factor, and after using the lessons from this book you will confidently be able to synthesize features, functionality, and scope against delivery. You will find out how other team members such as the UX designer and business analyst can support and enhance your role as product owner, and how every type of company structure can adapt for optimal agility.
The Art of Agile Product Ownership is a beacon for current product owners, programmers who are ready to take the next step towards ownership, and analysts transitioning into the product space. This book helps you determine for yourself the best way to fill the product owner role so that you utilize your unique combination of skills. Product ownership is central to a successful Agile team, and after reading this book, you will be more than ready for the challenge.

What You Will Learn

-Explores activities the product owner needs to do in order to write good and valuable user stories
-Identifies skills product owners can learn from product managers and business analysts
-Demonstrates how to make decisions based on business and customer demand rather than technical needs and feasibility

Who This Book Is ForThis is a book for anyone becoming a product owner: developers and programmers, who, after some years at the code-face, are ready to step up to the next stage to own the product that they have been coding. Business Analysts and Product Managers who see themselves transitioning into the a product owner role will find value in this book in understanding their new role and how the work is the same and how it is different


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Part 1: Meet the Product Owner.-
Chapter 1: What Are You Building?.-
Chapter 2: Why Have a Product Owner?.-
Chapter 3: Who Is the Product Owner?.-
Chapter 4: Requirements, Discover, and Demand.-
Chapter 5: Every Product Owner Needs Four Things.-
Chapter 6: Customers, Users, and Stakeholders.-

Part 2: What Do Product Owners Do?.-
Chapter 7: Scrum and the Product Owner.-
Chapter 8: On-Stage Product Owner.-
Chapter 9: Off-Stage Product Owner.-
Chapter 10: The Busy Product Owner.-
Chapter 11: Stop Doing.-
Chapter 12: Specialist Help.-

Part 3: Role Models.-
Chapter 13: Product Owner as Entrepreneur.-
Chapter 14: The Project Manager Role.-
Chapter 15: What Do Project Managers Do?.-
Chapter 16: Changes in Product Management.-
Chapter 17: The Business Analyst Role.-
Chapter 18: The Different Types of Business Analysts.-

Part 4: Challenges.-
Chapter 19: The Product Owner Refactored.-
Chapter 20: Changing Hats.-
Chapter 21: Mission Impossible.-
Chapter 22: The End.-
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        The Art of Agile Product Ownership