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Intercultural competences

There are two elements which are definitely strong points of the book. The first one is centered on the practicality of it. The author does not just explain the classical models but contributes with how students can work with it (“Working with the model of...”), this is something that is often overlooked in the IC literature.

Anatolie Cantir | 7 april 2020

The second point is the emphasis on the IC as an actual competence one can develop with outside help, hence this book. And in this sense, interculturalists know well how underestimated both the IC skills and the actual field are. One misses a certain “newness” e.g. more dynamic IC studies or projects e.g. The Globe Project or the European Values Study. I also think one needs a more ingenious title. That is not to be sensationalist but to attract students and interested parties.

I believe that“Intercultural Competences” written by Patrick T.H.M. Janssen is for anyone out there who wants to scratch beneath the surface and turn cultural models and knowledge into actual skills.

Over Anatolie Cantir

Anatolie Cantir is Associate Professor aan VIA University College.

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