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Quantitative Research for the Qualitative Researcher

Paperback Engels 2013 9781412997799
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O'Dwyer and Bernauer promote understanding and appreciation of the quantitative tradition in the social sciences, especially for those who are most familiar with the qualitative tradition. The authors demonstrate that these two research traditions are complementary and that the primary components of good research-problem quality, design quality, evidence quality, and procedural quality--apply equally to both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. By providing rich pedagogy throughout the book the authors give students ample support and guidance.

Each chapter begins with an outline, key terms are defined throughout, and discussion questions conclude each chapter. Connections to Qualitative Research and Review of Published Research sections offer students opportunities to make connections to their current base of knowledge and to see the concepts described in the book being applied in real research.


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SECTION I: An Overview of Research in the Social Sciences: Qualitative Meets Quantitative
Chapter 1: Understanding the Purpose of Research in the Qualitative and Quantitative Traditions
Chapter 2: An Overview of the Qualitative Tradition and Connections to the Quantitative Tradition
Chapter 3: Overview of Research in the Quantitative Tradition

SECTION II: The Sine Qua Non for Conducting Research in the Quantitative Tradition
Chapter 4: Choosing Research Participants and Making Generalizations: Sampling and External Validity
Chapter 5: Measurement and Instrumentation in Quantitative Research
Chapter 6: Minimizing Alternative Explanations for Research Findings: Internal Validity

SECTION III: Research Design and Data Analysis in the Quantitative Tradition
Chapter 7: Non-Experimental Research Designs
Chapter 8: Experimental Research Designs
Chapter 9: Descriptive Analyses for Data Generated by Quantitative Research
Chapter 10: Inferential Analyses for Data Generated by Quantitative Research
Chapter 11: The Complementary Natures of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

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        Quantitative Research for the Qualitative Researcher