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World Wide Rave

Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories

Gebonden Engels 2009 9780470395004
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Door de kracht van sociale netwerken als YouTube, blogs en Facebook te benutten kunt u uw klanten beter leren kennen, en uw klanten u. Maar hoe gebruikt u dat sociale web precies om de klanten naar uw virtuele voordeur te dirigeren? In 'World Wide Rave' krijgt u de tips die leiden tot een eigen gigantisch netwerk.


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Over David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is expert op het gebied van online marketing. Hij is een veelgevraagd spreker op seminars en congressen over marketing, social media en PR. Eerder schreef hij World Wide Rave, Real-Time Marketing & PR en Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. Lees zijn blog op www.WebInkNow.com of volg hem via twitter.com@dmscott.

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A World Wide Rave
Rules of the Rave
Telling Stories
When 7 = 350,000,000
Tapping the Enthusiasm of Million of Fans
The World Wide Rave Empowers You
You Must Ignore the Old Rules of Advertising and PR
We are The World
A Dream Come True
Fear not: You, too, can create a World Wide Rave
Girls fight back!
Get out your mobile phones!
Nobody Cares About Your Products Except You
Understand buyer personas to trigger a World Wide Rave
I love a good audit
Stupid cancer: I'm too young for this!
Forget about your products
Are you a talent fanatic?
How big is your "world"?
A resume? Or an e-book?
What about business-to-business e-book?
How to make your e-book a World Wide Rave
Sex, shaving, and your oral health
E-book your way to fame and fortune
You can't do that with the Yellow Pages
When not to have sex (in your e-book)
A local World Wide Rave
People want to do business with people
No Coercion Required
Unscrupulous marketing techniques
Careful: Dodgy "viral marketing" sucks
Ad agencies beware: Your viral campaign may be against the law
Viral marketing is rarely a World Wide Rave
Lose Control
No strings required
A top-ten unsigned band on myspace
The Grateful Dead? Or Led Zeppelin?
A World Wide Rave is not about sales leads
Return on investment is just an excuse
But we can't do that!
Sold out, so what!
Online video and the World Wide Rave
Let's be honest
Block social media sites at your own peril
Do you trust your employees?
We're talking about people, not technology
IBM's social computing guidelines
New York Islanders win big
Do you work for a company that blocks access?
Put Down Roots
When friends trigger as World Wide Rave
Anyone can trigger a World Wide Rave
Thousands of fans; one random youth soccer team
Facebook applications: Where's your widget?
How many cities have you visited?
Are you on Twitter yet?
Social networking and a World Wide Rave
World Wide Rant: When buzz turns negative
US Airways: Coffee, tea, or a credit card application?
Participating in social media
Preventing a World Wide Rant
How to monitor and participate in social media
Create Triggers that Encourage People to Share
Nothing is guaranteed to be a World Wide Rave
Think like a venture capitalist
Triggerstorm: Ideas for triggering a World Wide Rave
Grade your web site
A tool for spreading your ideas
What hairstyle is best for you?
When your product itself is your trigger
Rate your internship experience
Be first and be fast
A worldwide virtual event
An aerospace lecture at the gym
Create a contest, you might trigger a rave
Enter a contest, you might win
Showcase your customers
Point the World to Your (Virtual) Doorstep
You can trigger a World Wide Rave if you're invisible
Number 1 search result on Google
Quoted all over the web
Controlling the uncontrollable
Do not read this part of the book
Hire a journalist
When the world come to you
Stop making excuses
Where the hell is Matt?
What do you have to lose?
Quit your job
Your Challenges (A Review)
About the Auhtor
David Meerman Scott, live at your event!

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